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About Us & Our Terms

I have decided to build this resource as a help guide to the general public and taking care of these fish. Hopefully you guys can help me share this resource and get it out there for people to actually see it because I understand that sometimes you can build a good resource like this but it doesn’t get read.

I’m also looking for people to help me share and post valuable information so if you looking to write any articles regarding this fish feel free to send them over to me. You can visit the contact page where you can see the details on how to email me and I will look over your articles or your written information and decide if it’s worthy of being posted.

I would really enjoy the help other people here though because I am only one fishing choosiest and this hobby needs more people to help right good guides like this. Hopefully we can help other people out there and during this fish aquarium hobby and help make some fishes lives just a little bit better.

Thanks for visiting my resource here and if you have any ideas on how to better this resource let me know.