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What are Swimbaits? Used for What?

There is no doubt that swimbaits have come into the bass fishing market like a roaring lion.  Made famous out West, these oversized monster fish baits allow anyone to chase trophy bass from every part of the water column.  Spro has recently released its latest Swimbait, which is said to have the most perfect action of any swimbait in the industry, but is its massive wiggle too much for the lunkers?

Pro’s agree that a more subtle action draws strikes from the larger fish.  Because big bass are undoubtedly the wiser of the group, it takes a much more realistic approach to coax them into biting.  Swimbaits with the large wiggle can sometimes scare off trophy bass but will maintain a high percentage of smaller 3-4 lb. fish.  So if you are out to catch one massive fish, it is better to choose a swimbait that has a very subtle action with not much side to side action.  Many top swimbait fishermen are fishing baits with little to no action, favoring their low-key antics over the more pronounced counter-parts that seem to be in mass production right now.

The gear you use for swimbaiting very important and detrimental to you success or failure on the water.  Use big, heavy tackle, such as a 7-8 foot medium-heavy rod that has a very strong backbone for fighting monster fish and casting heavy lures, but a soft enough tip to allow the lure to move naturally through the water.

arowana imageFishing line should be kept to monofilament, as braid is too visible and will be seen by the bass, and flourocarbon too stiff for the natural action you seek.  The drag system on the reel is the most important aspect to using the proper reel for swimbaits.

Make sure you have a tough drag and lock it down tight so when you do hook a bass, you can get him to the boat in a hurry and out away from any snags.  Lastly, don’t be afraid to cast these rather expensive lures into heavy cover.  Sure you may lose a few that cost a lot of money, but at least you know you are fishing in the prime areas to catch a trophy.