All About Oscar Species

All oscars have a white spot right there. its actually a rub scar. Oscars are very friendly fish. Just as friendly as a dog. When they see their masters they rub up against the glass hoping you would feed him. I’m pretty sure the glass won’t be as rough as sandpaper and it wouldn’t cause … [Read more…]

Keep Minnows & Bait Alive Better?

Topic: I’m having issues keeping my minnows alive. I hear stories of fisherman and anglers keeping minnows alive for weeks and I can’t even keep mine going for a couple of days. What’s the issue here or what is going on? What does a guy have to do to keep some bait minnows alive? It’s … [Read more…]

What are Swimbaits? Used for What?

There is no doubt that swimbaits have come into the bass fishing market like a roaring lion.  Made famous out West, these oversized monster fish baits allow anyone to chase trophy bass from every part of the water column.  Spro has recently released its latest Swimbait, which is said to have the most perfect action … [Read more…]

Replicating Cold Aquarium Parameters

Here’s a key point to remember when you are fishing in the cold of winter.  Fish tend to slow down and become much more lethargic than most anglers realize.  It is at this very time of the season where you must approach the fish with much more subtle tactics and techniques.  When the water temperatures … [Read more…]