Do Arowana Grow Fast? Growth Rate?

Topic: I just bought a smaller arowana. I was wondering how fast they grow or what their average growth rate is. My fish is a Silver species Arowana and I want him to grow bigger. What is the best food that I can get too? Thanks for the help.

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Posted by James N: When your fish is getting the best diet possible you can plan on it growing around 2″ per month. These things grow FAST! One of the most important factors when feeding fish is variety. Maybe one day feed them crickets then the next feed them live fish. Make sure that you are adding a carnivore pellet in there too. They need the vitamins from the fish food sticks. Even though these will be their least favorite of all the foods. Here is a top rated brand

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Posted by Amanda P: I think the main part is making sure the fish are getting massive amounts of protein from the best foods like crickets and other fish. Then the vitamins fish NEED from the fish food. It’s sometimes hard to get my arowanas to even eat the pellet sticks… Sometimes I will wait days and somewhat make them super hungry and throw the pellets in. They get so hungry they don’t even know what theyre eating.

  • Are you admitting to starving your fish??
  • Your joking right.. I said that I wait days so that they are more hungry. I never once used the word “starve” in my statement.
  • People do this all the time. I starve my fish until they eat the fish food (vitamins they need)! A variety of different foods is very important! Even if it’s not what they want. It’s a lot like having smaller kids… they can’t eat candy all the time.

Posted by Ashley B: Is black golden arowana and peral arowana the same ???… Im a beginner in arowana…wat arowana do you recommend it shld be friendly n interactive n low maintenance.

  • My Top 3 Arowana (1) Electric Blue Base Cross back Arowana (2) High- Back Red Tail Golden Arowana (3) Red Tail Golden Arowana When you said Panda Gold.. you are refering to a certain Farm not a type of arowana. i guess one of the best farm so far known to me is (1) Pang Long (2) Merlion (3) Qian Hu (4) Kim Kang
  • I agree with you on that one, my uncle bought a Silver arowana about 18 years ago for 5,000 when it was about 1 year old. But also, it is how people want to spend their money. Its like how quite a few people in the US spend money on exotic cars, super fast computers, and other materials. It all comes down to how people believe they should spend their money; some on fishes that cost a fortune and other on cars that cost a fortune. In the end it comes down to want we want, not what we need.
  • my top 3 arowanas are 3.super red arowana-reason: it looks sexy 2. Jaridini arowana-reason: Ive owned one for a long time and it was my first arowana 1. Silver Arowana-reason: I love the white ice color and I like that they’re peaceful compared to other arowanas.
  • When I first started fish keeping I had a 120 gallon community tank (angel fish, rams, SAE, clown loaches, dension barbs) I was at the pet and a fish was limited time offer. it was a baby jaridini. when I got home it was late so I just put him in the tank then fell asleep then next morning all the fish were dead. The clown loaches survived since they were big. The jaridini lives in a 180 gallon now.
  • My dad had an Red Arowana of some kind when he was young and the silver Arowana always followed him around until it died during the process of my dad’s filtration. He used air pumps on big sponges that worked really good.
  • My dad had an Red Arowana of some kind when he was young and the Arowana always followed him around until it died during the process of my dad’s filtration. ):
  • The only reason why silver isn’t #1 is because it’s cheap and common.  Having owned all 3, the jardini and asians look like salmon lol.  If you look hard enough, you’ll find a seller in the US even though they’re illegal.  A 12″ gold, red, chili, panda, xback etc… will cost ~$7500 USD minimum.

  • my first choice is definitely not Panda gold. In fact, in my country Singapore, Panda Gold is considered one of the lowest grade of Asian Arowana. U can view my youtube, which i post only 1, a Bluebase XB. U can see the snake skin cheeks, the crossing of scales up to level 6, the blue core scales from level 1. This piece is worth 10 times a panda gold in Singapore. I am valuing a fish based on its amount. But compared asian aro itself. And i do have silver aro at home now. My choice will be Bluebase XB, Blue base red aro and silver aro.