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Best Foods for Arowana? Need Help

Topic: I need the best food for a Silver Arowana no arguments please just all your opinions I don’t need opinions on tank size I got that all covered I will not be responding to people that hate or ask me my tank size.

*Awarded Answer:
Posted by Brooke: I feed mine krill, bloodworms, frozen silversides, crickets and crushed baby mystery snails and if you can get them to accept them a high quality carnivore pellet. I don’t really like dropping names of brands since it is a very touchy topic but I use New Life Spectrum, and Omega one.

@Reply: That’s why I went on about how I’m not responding about tank size and hate lol. All species including the silver eat pretty much the same right?

@Reply: Oscar pellets or “Large Cichlid Pellets” work great. Here is an attached image of Omega One’s top seller for large cichlids from Amazon.com. Use these pellets with other live foods. You want a variation of diet.

arowana food

@Reply: I feed mine mice, baby birds worms ,pinkies ,Oscar pellets, he would eat anything.

@Reply: Guppies, pellets, mealworms.

@Reply: One of the biggest factors to feeding aquarium fish is to randomize it. No animal should be eating the same exact thing every single meal. A lot of people screw this up. As long as you make sure the fish has some good protein in it’s diet it will do fine. They are very hungry fish and will continue to eat in a ravenous state. I had an Aro years ago and that thing would eat anything you put inside the tank (including your hand if you weren’t careful). Hopefully this helps.

*Side note: If you don’t want the fish to be super aggressive try to kill the food right before feeding it to them. This makes it so the Arowana doesn’t have to make the kill itself and it works less and somewhat gets used to this. This makes the fish less aggressive by nature (they say). But remember that these fish are one of the most aggressive and powerful aquarium fish hobbyists can keep as pets.

@Reply: They are strictly Carnivores right? I would suggest Pandragram Carnivore then.

@Reply: Sorry man don’t have the heart to feed mice or birds or guppies and no they are not.

@Reply: Then Pandragram omnivore…. It’s a very high quality food, I love it!

@Reply: Krill and shrimp…occasion live crickets… ive used the San Francisco bay brand of frozen krill, along with the omega one dried krill…for shrimp i usually buy shrimp fresh from market as a treat…and for crickets i buy from feed stores rather than the commercial big box pet stores…and i agree hikari has its challenges nowadays.

A feed store are those local stores that sell bulk pet foods for all sorts of animals like horses, swine, birds, etc…wherever you live google ‘feed store’ and see what you come up with…i started going to them to buy pig food for my pet and then haven’t been back to a big box pet store since.

@Reply: I used to keep crickets and feed them very well. Then feed them to my old aro. He loved them. I fed him all kinds of stuff but he loved crickets. I only used feeder crickets from the pet store though, because they were clean and softer bodied.