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Aquarium & Tank Setup Guide: Arowana Fish

Lemme show u a few simple steps to setting up your new fish tank.. This can be done for any fish.The difference with an Arowana with any other fish is that, An Arowana fish CANNOT withstand any other medication unless necessary to.. Anti chlorine is also not advisable without an experienced person who knows the Arowana’s characteristics.

But dont get me wrong, it isn’t that hard to care for an Arowana. Just maybe for starters u can get a lower grade Arowana with a quality of an Asian Arowana.As many may know,Asian Arowana’s are the most expensive of them all!A green arowana would do as u can see what quality it presents with just looking at how it swims from side to side.This fish is the lowest grade of its class, Asian category.
Okay,first off u should order or buy a fishtank that is at least 3 foot long. Preferable to avoid changing tanks for space,get a 4 feet tank i suggest. Transporting a fish to and fro from tanks can easily injure them. U also need at least 3 days to set up your tank before your Arowana arrives.

Then u got to find a suitable water filter for your filtering system. This is the most important part that will be remaining in your tank for a long time.there are a few types of filteration systems u can choose,internal and external filter.An internal filter is placed inside your tank,sucks the water up to the filter,then expelling it back to the tank as filtered clean water for your fish.However an external filter extracts the water from the tank,out into another tank where it is filtered,kills germs and blocks any unwanted stuff that can put the ammonia level high,which is not good for your fish.Appropriate ammonia levels are from 0-1. Here are some pictures of how i set up a few filteration types,internal and external. Both filters are on different tanks.

If u can afford a heating system as u can see on the left pic,the left stick stuck on the glass.Set it 29-32 degrees. This will calm your fish and also kills certain types of germs as well.(this is not proven)
Let me show you what an external filter looks like.
This filter on the left is an external one.The fish tank is above it,just like the pic u can see right at the top.water comes down on the left, filtered in two levels, then is sent back to the tank using a water pump on the right.

So now you have already set up your own Arowana tank. It should take a few days for your Arowana to arrive. Now, the crucial part ;

Now the water in your tank is clean,but not yet suitable for your fish. Thats why u need atleast 24 hours for your water to run and filter itself. After the water is in,put in two handfulls of table salt, 5-10 drops of water conditioner to cut the chlorine.Please do this befor the fish arrives.Also ask advice on how much to put before u continue,in some cases fatal for the fish. Then put in a bichilir aka dragonfish,usually a good friend for your arowana..If you cant find it,any fish will do. The thing is,the fish has to go in the same day your tank is being set up,so that that fish will neutralize the water for your new coming Arowana fish.let the fish and water be in the tank for at least 24 hrs running.Now you are set and ready for your dragon to arrive!

So your Arowana has arrived to your home in a plastic bag containing oxygen. Do not open the bag yet..There atre a few more procedures before you can see your Arowana swimming in your tank gracefully.Here we go!

  1. Do not open the plastic your Arowana is in. Arowanas are sensitive to change of temperature.This can be fatal, or its scale can curl up and become ugly,thus become sick.
  2. Open your tank from the top, put in the whole plastic bag with your Arowana in without opening it. It should float up in your tank.
  3. Leave your bagged Arowana in your tank for at least 45 minutes with the plastic bag closed, let the temperature in your tank be absorbed by the water in in the plastic bag so that it is in the same temperature.
  4. Once it is the same temperature,open the bag and slowly introduce some water from the tank into the plastic bag,gradually setting your Arowana free into your tank.
  5. Do not panic if it refuses to eat for 1-3 days,depending on the fish. This is normal if the fish is stressed.It WILL get stressed when transporting or when in shock..

Now you can relax your mind and look at your Arowana while it checks out its new man built habitat!