Good Video on Betta Fish – Setup Guide

For those of you looking to setup a betta aquarium this is a good video for you to watch. There is a huge crowd for keeping bettas and breeding them too. Comment and let us know what you think.

  • Stupid question, how do I setup a hospital tank? I want to do this for Bessie. She’s still not feeling herself �? What is the best treatment? Seems like she has a hard time swimming and I notices she would sniff to find her food. I’m all to bettas health. I want to save her.
  • Before anyone can suggest a treatment, we’d need to know your tank size, water parameters (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH), how often you do water changes and how much. When you say she is not herself and has a hard time swimming…what do you mean? Is she not eating?

  • I just did her tank cleaning. She wasn’t herself before. She’s not very active like the other 4 and she use to be active and would sometime flare at me and she hasn’t done it. To me she looks bloated, am I right? I don’t think it’s not the water as the other Bettas use the same water from the tap. Here is a photo of her.
  • No way to tell from that pic if she’s bloated or not. If you think she is, you might try fasting her for 2 or 3 days
  • We need a side on pic and a top view pic. Examples of what I mean in replies.
  • Fell in love with this guy today at my lfs. His water in the cup was horrible and he looked almost dead. 😞 I think he has swim bladder. Trying to get him better and hoping for the best.
  • Mine was the same way and crooked as well, but in two days he was fine with proper living quarters. Just watch for distress, and go accordingly.
  • Me: *walk into petsmart* I’m not gonna get fish. I’m not gonna get fish. I’m not gonna get fish.
    Mom: *goes to get dog food*
    Me: *looks at fish* oooooooh, pretty!
    Me: I’m not gonna get her.
    Me: *gets the pretty betta girl*

    Story of my life!

    *Update on my Popeye Petco boy
    Today’s marks the 5th day of meds and he’s finally starting to show progress! Makes me so happy! His eye is starting to go down. I’m so happy I refused to leave Petco without him.

    (this picture is from when I brought him home, he refused to stay still for an updated picture 😩)

    My male Rupert got his much needed and deserved tank upgrade. He seems so much happier in a 5 gllon rather than a little 2 gallon. He has a snail, Cory cat, a couple ghost shrimp, a piece of indian almond leaf, and a moss ball in with him. Should I had a hide or anything else?


  • Just FYI, Cory cats need a minimum of 10 gallons, sand substrate and are a schooling fish, so at least 4-6 needed for them to be happy .
  • I’ve always had my Cory on pebbles and he’s perfectly fine ive had him 4 years do far my partner’s deputy manager at friends in soggy homes and says pebbles are fine we have 3 of them
  • Just to show the consistent recommendation that they need larger numbers and sand substrate. Please research the species prior to purchasing of any animal.
  • I’ve always been told aslong as it’s small rounded pebbles it’s fine
    He’s perfectly qualified his qualifications are endless I think I’d take his word any day my albino Cory’s have never had any problems all their barbs are fine
    Just incase that’s aimed at me instead of the women posting