Current In My Tank? Use a Powerhead?

Topic: I have a new arowana fish that I love! I am setting up the aquarium so that it’s perfect. I was wondering if they like current in the tank? Should I get a powerhead in the tank? Should I aim the water current at the surface of the water or in the middle? I need some help. Thanks for your help.

*Awarded Answer
Posted by Amanda H: These fish are river fish and do appreciate water current. I do advise you buying a powerhead for your aquarium. Some people buy the cheaper wave makers but I like actual powerheads better because they can add oxygen to the water being moved. So if your moving that water with bubbles mixed in it.. that adds a lot more oxygen to the water. I would get the brand name “Marineland” because they have been around for ages and are fair priced. Here is a link to a top rated one

current aquarium

What I would do is move it around in your aquarium and watch what your arowana fish is doing in that current. How large your fish is will depend on how much current they want and where the current they want. But then again.. all fish are different too. I would start by putting the powerhead six inches below the surface and mixing oxygen bubbles with it and see what your fish does.

If your arowana seems to be hiding away from the current maybe he/she doesn’t like it.. then move it deeper maybe (since they are usually around the surface). Just use your best judgement to see what your fish prefers. I know it’s tough to read.. but do your best. You don’t want too much current either remember. A medium sized pump will do just fine. Don’t go overboard.
Posted by Jimmy E: I have a couple pumps going in my tank and the canister filter so there is LOTS of current and water movement in my tank. I have a 300 gallon aquarium though so it moves around a little less. I think water movement is a big deal with river fish.

  • I agree with using lots of water flow! Another addition that no one has mentioned yet is that water current helps take the fish’s minds off aggression. If a fish has to think about how they can keep moving in the right direction in the water.. it helps them from thinking about having aggression with other fish. I used to have problems with fish fighting and a friend of mine told me to add a couple water pumps… problem fixed!
  • The way I see it IF YOU are going to use the electrical power to use a powerhead.. why not use another filter. Use another canister filter that puts out some good current with a spray bar or something. I feel like powerheads are a waste of electric when it could be another filter instead.
  • Not really that valid because some of the wavemakers use very little power when in comparison to a canister filter. Look up the electricity specs and you will be surprised. It doesn’t take much power to push a tiny fan in water (wavemaker).