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Different Types & Species of Arowana

Choosing what species of arowana to own as a pet can be a tough choice. They are ALL so cool RIGHT?! This species guide will help give some valuable info on each individual types available. The most popular types come from different countries around the world. There are 4 different types home to Asia, 3 types from South America, 2 from Australia, and 1 species type from Africa.

Asian Red Arowana


Asian arowana has several varieties of fresh water fish in the genus Scleropages. Some sources differentiate these varieties into multiple species, they have different strains to belong to a single species Scleropages formosus they have common name Asian arowana they are long in length and smart in water.

Silver Arowana


This specie of fish has large scales, long body and tapered tail with dorsal and anal fins extending all the way to the small caudal fin. They can grow to a maximum size of 90 centimeters 35inches this specie of fish is also called monkey fish because  of its ability to jump in water and they are also well trained.

Black Arowana

Black arowana fish has a long body and trapped tail grow a maximum of 90 centimeters 35 inches it reaches about 15 cm, the markings will disappear and it will start to obtain a dark iridescent steel grey to blue coloration, hence its common name it drown bridge and adapt to its feeding system.

Super Red Arowana

Super red arowana is made up of several different varieties of freshwater fish in the genus Scleropages. The “Super Red” is very hardy and never has problems eating it seems. It can grow up to almost 40 inches and the colors are super vibrant and bright. The name “Super” really gives a good idea of how expressive the colors of this fish are.

Red Dragon Arowana

Red dragon arowana fish has a long, red-colored body with seven rows of large scales, each with several reddish or pinkish spots arranged in a crescent shape around the trailing edge of the scale, giving it a pearly appearance. They grow to a maximum of 90 cm (35inches) and they are fast in water.

Malaysian Red

Malaysian Red Arowana species typically grow to around 2 to 3 feet in captivity. This fish has super fast swimming speeds and can really surprise you when striking it’s prey. Awesome fish to own and very beautiful.

Golden Arowana

Golden Arowana fish has large, wing-like pectoral fins. Except for duller coloration and smaller scale size, they are very similar to the Asian arowana fish. It grows to a length of about 90 centimetres (35 inches). Its maximum weight is recorded as 17.2 kg (38 lb.), but is has been stated that it has been known to weigh as much as 27 kg (59 lb)

Flowerhorn Arowana

Flower Horn Fish is basically from the Cichlid family, which is classified under the genus of Cichlasoma, which has a common name flowerhorn they have horn in the heard which is what gives them a common name Flowerhorn arowana they can grow up to 90 centimeters (35inches) color brightening when it attain adulthood

Crossback Arowana

Good quality Cross Back Golden has scales that are reflective, glittering, large,distinctive and neat. They gain more colorization as they grow to adulthood they grow up to 90 centimeters (35 inches) they grow very fast.

Red Tail Golden (RTG) Arowana

Red Tail Golden is the first of the lower priced Arowana to generate true scale colour. they have gold outer scale and in premium fish can develop clearly visible base colour as well it colors quickly however, color rarely reaches the 5th level of scales.

Jardini Arowana

Jardini Arowana fish freshwater fish is also called Gulf Saratoga Barramundi this fish is wild and grow very fast they are very playful in water they can be with any other arowana fish without fighting. They can grow up to 90 centimeters (35 inches)

Golden Crossback Arowana

Golden crossback arowana  is they have a cross scale on they body which give them their common name crossback arowana they also have golden color their color brightenin as they grow to adulthood they grow up to 90 centimeters (35inches) they are fast in water

Green and Blue Arowana

This specie is Commonly known as Green Arowana.Its has green scales & a greyish green body with a dark striped grey/green tail.It’s the cheapest in price among the variety of Asian arowana due to unattractive coloration exhibited when in adulthood (3-4 yrs of age) they are also slow in water.

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Posted by Harley: Has anyone kept silver aros with larger size oscars at all? I want to try it but don’t want to loose my fish (having them fight).