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Red Arowana Species Habitat Guide

Red Arowana fish is one of the three kinds of Asian arowana. The other two are gold and green. Red arowana look like a flame floating in water. They are particularly popular amongst Chinese because red is considered a lucky color in China. Chinese people call it the “dragon fish”, relating it to the “China Dragon”. People also prefer to get themselves red arowana simply because they are eye-catching.


Interestingly enough, red arowana is a type of arowana fish with a degree of variety. You may hear names like red arowana, super red arowana, red-tailed golden, blood red and chili red. These are not mere variations in color shades, but also due to differences in fin sizes, shapes and other physical features. Red arowana have the maximum population in the waters of Indonesia.

Red arowana fish come in different sizes. They can be anything between 12 and 41 inches. When you are out to buy red arowana, the prices will vary accordingly with size, color and class.

Like other types of arowana fish, red arowana fish also happens to be a meat lover. Shrimps, pork, smaller fish and such meaty items are the best diet for such fish. Otherwise, you may occasionally feed your red arowana with artificially prepared edibles, as they are filled with essential nutrients.

Red arowana is a delicate pet, much like all other fish. You must ensure that their living place (the aquarium) is sound enough. Most of all, it should be set up so that the fish remains healthy and matures well. Important factors to consider are the temperature range of the aquarium, pH level of water, diet, water cleaning and space.

Red arowana can be an eye-catching addition to your aquarium. If you are about creating an impression, this fish is the right choice for you. Source: arowanafishinfo.com

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Posted by Ricky Yang:
I personally think this species is by far the most beautiful out there. I know others will disagree but that’s my opinion. I have known friends to breed these fish in their basement and make thousands of dollars extra on the side because of how popular and exotic they are. I vote this fish 10 star review! These fish can cost a lot of money but buy them younger to save!

Posted by Nicki M:
I can’t seem to get my hands on one of these fish in my area. All breeders I call in other states tell me that they don’t feel comfortable shipping the fish and I’m really starting to get angry. I wish people would know their laws so they wouldn’t have to always be worried. They can legally sell me and ship the fish. They are just scarredy cats. I mean WTf I want my fish here now.

Reply from Mike Tonnen:
Can you blame the breeders for being careful? It seems like law enforcement is making such weird laws now and abiding different laws each day. If I was a breeder.. I would only ship within driving distance of so far. I would never ship the fish. Especially fish like this that are exotic.